Calories In A Bacon Bob From What A Burger?

Whataburger Breakfast On A Bun with Bacon Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 125g
Calories 320
Calories From Fat 150
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 18g 28%


How many calories are in a Whataburger Bacon Bob?

Bacon or Sausage Biscuit, 350 to 540 calories. Egg & Cheese Biscuit, 450 calories. Biscuit & Jelly, 340 calories. Egg Sandwich, 310 calories.

How many calories in a Whataburger breakfast on a bun with Bacon?

There are 360 calories in 1 serving (128 g) of Whataburger Breakfast on a Bun with Bacon.

How many calories are in a Whataburger small fry?

There are 280 calories in Small French Fries from Whataburger.

How many calories in a sausage biscuit from Whataburger?

There are 690 calories in a Biscuit Sandwich with Sausage from Whataburger. Most of those calories come from fat (65%).

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