FAQ: What-A-Burger Chicken Bites Calories?

Whataburger Whatachick’n Bites contain between 450-640 calories, depending on your choice of sizes.

Whatachick’n Bites 6 Piece.

Serving Size 6 pieces
Calories 450
Calories From Fat 200


Does Whataburger carry chicken nuggets?

Whataburger Restaurants LP has introduced Whatachick’n Bites on the company’s menu made with breaded all white-meat chicken breast. Whataburger is also rolling out a four-piece Whatachick’n Bites Kids’ Meal with fries or apple slices, a small drink and snack.

How many calories are in a KFC chicken burger?

There are 475 calories in 1 burger of KFC Fillet Burger.

How many calories are in an order of roasted chicken bites from Bojangles?

Bojangles Roasted Chicken Bites Calories There are 350 calories in Roasted Chicken Bites from Bojangles.

Are Bojangles roasted chicken bites healthy?

Roasted Chicken Bites; 5-Piece Serving Because these bites aren’t coated and fried, they are a surprisingly light option to order at Bojangles’. Yule points out that they have only 125 calories, zero grams of saturated fat, and 650 milligrams of sodium. However, that all changes if you add a biscuit.

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