Often asked: How Many Calories In A Bk Mushroom Swiss Burger?

Beef Burgers

Food (ala carte) Calories (Kcal) Saturated Fat (g)
Hamburger 294.41 5.16
Double Cheeseburger 360.00 9.00
Ultimate Angus Mushroom Swiss 430.41 12.41
Double Mushroom Swiss 620.83 14.49

Is Burger King Double mushroom Swiss beef?

Go for double the goodness! Melted Swiss cheese on two flame-grilled beef patties, topped with BK’s special mushroom sauce, served on a sesame seed bun. Twice the velvety goodness in every bite.

Does Wendy’s have a Swiss mushroom burger?

Wendy’s has introduced their new Gourmet Mushroom Swissburger for a limited time. It is 1/4 lb. of beef topped with Swiss cheese, sauteed Portabella mushroom blend, hickory smoked bacon, pepercorn sauce, lettuce, and tomato.

Does Dairy Queen serve mushroom and swiss burgers?

* 100% all beef patty topped with savoury mushroom sauce, Swiss cheese and mayo served on a warm toasted bun.

Is the Whataburger Mushroom Swiss Burger good?

However, since it’s a Whataburger original, you can bet those premium grilled mushrooms taste buttery and smooth. Even if you’re not a fan of nature’s most interesting fungus, you should still give this burger a try. After all, there’s not much that sliced Swiss cheese can’t fix.

How many calories in a single burger at Burger King?

There are 283 calories in a Cheeseburger from Burger King.

How many calories in a plant based Whopper?

What are the nutrition facts for the Impossible Whopper? Burger King, to its credit, does publish the nutrition information for the Impossible Whopper. (Albeit under the “Flame Grilled Beef” section of its website.) In one burger: 629 calories, 25 grams protein, 58 grams carbs (4 grams fiber), and 34 grams fat.

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