Question: How Many Calories In Carl’S Jr All Natural Burger?

Carl’s Jr Single All-Natural Burger Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 315g
Calories 760
Calories From Fat 400
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 44g 68%


What is the healthiest thing to eat at Carl’s Jr?

Carl’s Jr.: Charbroiled Chicken Salad (320 calories) Technically, the healthiest item on the Carl’s Jr. menu is the charbroiled chicken salad (320 cals), but the healthiest sandwich would have to be the similar charbroiled BBQ chicken sandwich, which is 390 calories.

Does Carl’s Jr still have the all natural burger?

Carl’s Jr. discontinued their “All-Natural Burger ” (which was made with grass-fed beef without hormones, steroids, or antibiotics) – so now you’ll only be able to buy their burgers like this made with conventional beef. No thanks. Just look at all those nasty additives and high fructose corn syrup in their burgers…

How many calories are in a healthy burger?

For a 4-ounce cooked lean beef burger you’ll take in around 225 calories, 12 grams of fat, 5 gram of saturated fat and 27 grams of protein.

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What is the healthiest burger at Carl’s Jr?

1/3-Pound Lettuce-Wrapped Thickburger While it’s got the least number of calories among all the burgers, the hidden punch comes courtesy of high sodium and a whopping 300 calories from fat (over 70 percent of your calories) alone. “In terms of calories and carbs, this looks like a pretty good option.

How many calories are in a Carl’s Jr veggie burger?

The Beyond Famous burger with cheese ticks nearly every box for consumers looking to limit meat consumption, but it doesn’t necessarily pass the “healthy” test at 770 calories with 44 grams of fat and 1,600 grams of sodium, per Carl’s Jr.’s nutritional calculator.

Does Carl’s Jr use 100% beef?

The all-natural beef patty (pictured left) is touted as being made of “grass-fed, free-range charbroiled beef with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics,” while the regular beef patty (pictured right) is simply 100% beef. Both are charbroiled, as are all Carl’s Jr.’s beef patties.

What is Carl’s Jr veggie burger made of?

The meatless patty is stacked with lettuce, tomato, sliced onions, dill pickles, and Special Sauce. The Beyond Famous Star brings true rivalry to the new plant-based burger scene, leaving the Impossible Whopper sweating. This is the number one recommendation for the first plant-based trip to Carl’s Jr.

What is the lowest calorie burger?

Burgers with the fewest calories

  • Bob Evans Big Farm Hamburger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.
  • Johnny Rockets Original Hamburger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.
  • Denny’s Spicy Sriracha Burger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.
  • Mimi’s Cafe Mushroom Brie Burger – Nutrition Overview | HealthGrove.
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Which burger is the healthiest?

The 9 Healthiest Fast Food Burgers, Ranked

  • White Castle Sliders. These mini-sized squar patties are pretty iconic and known around the world.
  • Five Guys Little Hamburger.
  • Shake Shack Single Shackburger.
  • Burger King Veggie Burger.
  • Burger King Whopper Jr.
  • Wendy’s Jr.
  • Burger King Hamburger.
  • McDonald’s Hamburger.

What is the healthiest hamburger meat?

What’s the healthiest ground beef? Ground round and ground sirloin have the lowest fat content and are the two lightest, healthiest options.

What is Carl’s Jr biggest burger?

The kind of burger that haunts your hunger—two ⅓ pound beef patties, double cheese, and 4x bacon. The new Monster Angus Thickburger, only at Carl’s Jr.

How many calories in a Carl’s Jr triple cheeseburger?

Carl’s Jr Triple Spicy Western Cheeseburger Calories There are 1320 calories in a Triple Spicy Western Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr. Most of those calories come from fat (51%).

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