Question: How Many Calories In Red Robin Banzai Burger?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 1060 (4435 kJ)
Saturated Fat 20 g 100%
Trans Fat 2 g
Cholesterol 130 mg 43%
Sodium 2000 mg 83%


What is Banzai at Red Robin?

Teriyaki-glazed patty, grilled pineapple, Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

What is the lowest calorie food at Red Robin?

McGrane says that ” Red’s Double Tavern is the lowest in calories and one of the lowest in saturated fat, sugar, and sodium” of all the Tavern burgers on the Red Robin menu.

How many calories in a Red Robin wedgie burger?

The whole thing clocks in at 450 calories —compared to 1,040 for Red Robin’s popular Banzai Burger, or 1,392 for the Whiskey River BBQ Burger—making it one of the brand’s healthier options to order, provided you don’t pair it with refill after refill of bottomless fries.

What can I order at Red Robin on a diet?

Customize to your lifestyle or save up to 200 calories by changing your beef patty to a lighter option:

  • Custom-blended, Ancient-grain-and-quinoa Veggie Patty — 130 calories.
  • Grilled Chicken Breast — 120 calories.
  • Turkey Burger — 230 calories.
  • Impossible Burger Patty™ — 240 calories.
  • Crispy Chicken Patty — 430 calories.
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Do Red Robin calories include fries?

Calorie count changes with any customization. * Does not include calories for Steak Fries (350 cal) or Freckled Fruit® Salad (100 cal).

How many calories are in a Royal Red Robin burger?

However, just because a burger sounds like a healthy option by name doesn’t mean it is: the Royal Red Robin Burger has 1110 calories, 78g fat, 48g carbohydrate, and 1850 mg sodium.

How many calories are in a Red Robin Chicken teriyaki burger?

There are 905 calories in 1 burger of Red Robin Teriyaki Chicken Burger.

How many calories in a Red Robin Burger and fries?

Answer: 8g. How many calories are in Red Robin’s Clucks and Fries? Answer: 1330.

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