Quick Answer: How Many Calories In A Jack And The Box Butter Burger?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 860 (3598 kJ)
Sugars 13 g
Protein 37 g
Potassium 470 mg
Alcohol 0 g


How many calories are in a buttery Jack combo?

Jack in the Box Classic Buttery Jack™ Calories There are 820 calories in a Classic Buttery Jack™ from Jack in the Box. Most of those calories come from fat (57%).

What is a buttery Jack hamburger?

The Buttery Jack burger delivered on Jack in the Box’s goal of improving its hamburgers. The Classic Buttery Jack includes a ¼-lb beef patty, provolone cheese, tomato sauce, lettuce and tomato. The Bacon and Swiss Buttery features a ¼-lb beef patty, hickory-smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, and bacon mayo.

What is the buttery sauce at Jack in the Box?

Guests have two options for their Buttery Jack adventure. The Classic Buttery Jack features creamy tomato sauce, green leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes and Provolone cheese; while the Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack features creamy bacon mayo, hickory smoked bacon and Swiss cheese. You simply can’t go wrong.

How many calories are in a Jack in the Box Number 10?

Jack in the Box 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets Calories There are 480 calories in 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets from Jack in the Box. Most of those calories come from fat (63%).

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How many calories in a Jack in the Box Breakfast Jack?

Breakfast Jack: 290 calories, 12 g fat, 4.5 g saturated fat, 220 mg cholesterol, 760 mg sodium, 1 g fiber.

Why is buttery jack so good?

It’s mild enough that it enhances the flavor of the beef patty. But the ingredient I believe makes the burger stand out is the creamy tomato sauce. It’s sweet, tangy, and tastes somewhat like French dressing. And just like the garlic herb butter, it doesn’t overwhelm the burger.

Is buttery Jack Good?

Overall, Jack in the Box’s Classic Buttery Jack is an excellent and top-notch burger that sets itself apart from what’s currently in the market. Additionally, it’s well thought-out and well executed. I’d put it above similar premium burgers at major competitors like McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Can you get a double buttery Jack?

If you don’t like the change, you can try custom-ordering one of their other sauces on your burger or sandwich but otherwise, you’re left with regular mayo. – Price – The suggested price for the new Double Jack is $4.79 (may vary with location). It is a permanent menu item.

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