What A Burger Breakfast Calories?

Whataburger breakfast choices under 550 calories include:

  • Cinnamon Roll, 390 calories.
  • Bacon Egg Taquito, 380 calories.
  • Bacon or Sausage Biscuit, 350 to 540 calories.
  • Egg Cheese Biscuit, 450 calories.
  • Biscuit Jelly, 340 calories.
  • Egg Sandwich, 310 calories.

How many calories in a Whataburger breakfast on a bun with bacon?

There are 360 calories in 1 serving (128 g) of Whataburger Breakfast on a Bun with Bacon.

What item from Whataburger has the most calories?

This burger from Whataburger has among the most calories in the nation, report says. Whataburger’s mushroom Swiss burger is among the highest-calorie burgers in the nation, according to a report by a food sensitivity company.

How many calories in a sausage biscuit from Whataburger?

There are 690 calories in a Biscuit Sandwich with Sausage from Whataburger. Most of those calories come from fat (65%).

How many calories are in a Whataburger small fry?

There are 280 calories in Small French Fries from Whataburger.

What is Whataburger breakfast on a bun?

The Breakfast on a Bun comes with a fresh egg, choice of bacon or pork sausage, and a slice of real American cheese served on a toasted bun. The Breakfast on a Bun offer is one sandwich per customer, and the customer must be present to receive a free sandwich.

What is healthy from Whataburger?

Order the burger with lettuce, tomatoes and onions to add small amounts of fiber and vitamin C. A grilled chicken sandwich is another lower-fat menu item that also supplies a healthy dose of protein and iron. The grilled chicken melt at Whataburger has 460 calories and 22 grams of fat, of which 5 grams are saturated.

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Does Whataburger have anything healthy?

Whataburger is truly the calorie-counting breakfast king, with a dozen choices under 400 calories, including a cinnamon roll (390 calories), three kinds of taquitos (egg, 330; egg with cheese, 370; bacon and egg, 380), breakfast on a bun with bacon ranchero (340) and even an meal with a pancake, scrambled eggs and and

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